Open Letter to Mayor Pro Tem Cole

Dear Mayor Pro Tem Cole,

As two of your faithful constituents, we believe that you have not been made aware of potential damage to the Barton Springs Pool, Barton Springs Recharge Zone and the Zilker and Barton Hills Neighborhoods.

Blue Bonnet Hills [C8-2013-0039.0A] has been issued an environmental damage waiver by the Planning Commission Staff even though the same plan that has already been denied by the City Planning Commission in another form.

Geological mapping and water chemistry studies submitted to the City Planning Commission in March, 2013 shows that a creek, currently labeled by the city as a ditch, is fed by a spring in a large limestone grotto at a fault between the Buda Limestone and Del Rio Clay adjacent to the proposed development.

Unfortunately, City staff has granted a “waiver” of environmental assessment for development along the Creek.  They will say that the waiver is justified because Creek watershed is an “Urban Watershed” but this is lacking further definition by additional city code that clearly defines the “Barton Springs Zone” to include any watershed feeding the aquifer where Barton Springs recharge occurs.

Please don’t let City Planning Staff approve a development approach along the Creek watershed that will most certainly have a detrimental impact on the aquifer (and salamander habitat) in Zilker Park, and ultimately an impact on Barton Springs and the long-term health of Barton Springs Pool.  We are asking that the Developer go back before the City Planning Commission with any revised plans.

Knowing your legacy as someone who has aggressively defended the quality of life in Austin, we are certain that you would act if these facts were brought to your attention.

Austin has been in a period of drought for many years now making the concerns around water flooding, contamination, erosion, etc. less immediate. However, this is still an extreme concern that should not be forgotten about. Recent events have demonstrated this fact.

Best Regards,

J.P. & Felicity Maxwell

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US Airways Excellent Service

Those of you familiar with the reputation US Airways may think you misread that title.  I assure you, it is correct.  In our recent trip to a friends wedding in Grand Cayman we had a truly great experience flying US Airways.  I had always heard mixed (at best) word-of-mouth reviews and had generally avoided them. […]

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RSS Cloud Status Updates

All your status belong to us!  For quite a while I have been intrigued by the p2theme theme from the folks at Automattic.  It also bothered me that all these status updates, were stored on twitter’s servers and at the whim of the twitterverse.   This past weekend, something happened that changed everything.  Wordpress decided […]

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Zimbra on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron at Rackspace Cloud

This is the second part to my previous post “Migrating Zimbra to Rackspace Cloud from Dedicated Rackspace Server” – I decided to put up separate posts as the first one was already pretty long.  After receiving the updated instructions I uninstalled the existing installation and set out to start over.    One cool thing about […]

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Normal Wear and Tear – a movie idea

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning.  This has probably been done and it sounds like it could be a horrible emo flick.  But, I was thinking it’d be fun to do an entire movie based on the stains / scratches / minor damage to an apartment / house.  Maybe the setting is a random family […]

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Questions for Mosso the RackSpace Cloud

Recently I’ve become more interested in the “Rackspace Cloud” as a viable solution for our clients needs.  Traditionally we have maintained dedicated servers w/ traditional Rackspace and hosted our clients sites / applications on there.   I have had no problems, so I have been hesitant to even take a look at other solutions.  Recently, […]

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WordPress as a CMS to energize mainstreet!

My company, tipit, focuses on web production work which means we architect, design and build websites and web applications.  Recently we have had some extremely satisfied clients offering wordpress as a turnkey content management solution.  Recent versions are truly powerful and a few custom plugins can mold it into a system to manage whatever type […]

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